Saturday, December 27, 2008


On more than two occasions the BAIS boy’s soccer team held practice in the rain. The kind of rain that soaks you to the bone. At the beginning of practice it was just a gloomy sky but gradually became a steady downpour, but, practice continues. The guys didn’t let it stop them. There was no complaining- no whining. In fact, their intensity increased hand in hand with the rain. It seemed, the larger the mud puddles, the greater their love for soccer.
These were moments that brought out the true soccer players of BAIS. Those players who never wanted to give up, and who would push through any confrontation, on or off the field, if that meant the team would benefit. Together we could rise, and together we could fall. It was all evident in those difficult moments.
Their hearts were tested through the season in difficult and unorganized games. But it always seemed that they would gather together through the testing. They were a team in the difficult times, as well as a team in the best of times. Their final and ultimate test was yet to come.
True to the hearts that were seen on the practice field during the hard rain, during the ISSAC tournament, BAIS players had hearts of hard leather. There in Surabaya, eight teams battled for the most revered title in the league, and BAIS won it. ISSAC ’08 Champions. The team with hearts, soft and tough, like leather boots.