Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sea Tribe

We haven't been posting to our blog enough so I'm going to tell a couple stories...

We just arrived home from a 50 minute motorbike ride back from the city. We had a meeting we attended this morning. Well, as we set off to drive back to Kota Baru we saw a possible rain a brewin'. No big deal, happens all the time. About 10 minutes into our journey it starts pouring, big drops, big amounts, big rain (literal translation from Indoensian - Hujan besar). the roads flooded. In Indonesia the roads ARE the drainage system. Under the bridges massive amounts of people were waiting it out - not us, this was entertainment and a challenge. Bring it on. At one point we went through a stream in the road which splashed up and soaked our bottoms. Usually just your clothes get wet, but this time our skin was dripping inside our clothes - "soaked to the skin" - not quite the bone. next story.

Our cat had two kittens - this is her second litter and she's only a little over one year old. Once they were old enough we were going to give them away. Some friends from the school took one. The other one we gave away to the group of guys who hooked up our internet. Free cat, hey, we thought they'd probably sell it. a week and a half later we hear a raspy distraught kitten calling at the top of her lungs right outside our front door. Somehow, she had found her way back from - somewhere far probably. Pretty amazing for a 2.5 month old kitten. She's never been more affection starved then now. After that experience she's the perfect pet-me cat. In fact, we might name her that.

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